About Us

Rólunk Durring my life the dogs has always had a very important role. In my childhood my father was a German Shepherd dogs breeder so it was natural to me that the dogs are the part of my family. The dog breeding was always one of the main theme in my family. I have already seen in my young years how they come to life, how you should look after them with care and with patience, and how to pay attention for their health, beauty and preserving. I have learned how to take responsibility for them, and they have showed me how to love selflessly. I have seen the boston terrier breed first in a TV show. At that time I haven’t known this breed, but I was so fascinated that from there I couldn’t get it out of my head. I have read and obtained infromation a lot and as I had diged myself more and more into the topic, I was sure that this is the perfect breed for me and I would like to have an own boston terrier. Rólunk In 2015 I have found the kennel Luxury SugarDog and Nasi our kennels founder dog has came to us. Nasi was for me love at first sight, we immediately had the harmony between us. Thanks to her the breed has become my passion. Shortly we have dropped into the world of dog shows and a new adventure has begone in our life. Rólunk We have became members of the Hungarian Association of Hungarian Breeders (MEOE) and Hungaria Toy Molosser Dog Association (HTME). In 2016 we have founded our boston terrier kennel which is registered from the FCI, and later in 2017 Apollo has came to us from Cyprus from the Hecuba Kennel, Rólunk and in 2018 Vivi has came from Germany from the De Will-Dog Kennel. Rólunk We strive for the quality not for the quantity. Our goal is that the dogs coming out of our kennel are not only beautiful but have good nervous system, they are balanced, happy and healthy.